0004 Gypsy Cravan

Gypsy Cravan

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Travellers are part of a tradition which we all have roots in. Humankind has only settled in permanent settlements for the last maybe 8,000 years worldwide. Gypsies have been part of our society for many hundreds of years. They were originally believed to be Egyptians, which is where the name 'Gypsy' comes from. The idea that they came from Egypt was probably due to their dark complexion, exotic and colourful clothing. However the Romany language, which is a language unique to Gypsies throughout Europe and is still spoken today, originates from Sanskrit, a language of humanity which evolved in the Indian subcontinent. To day, they are believed to have migrated from India through the Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean, eventually reaching Ireland. As they travelled across Europe, they brought with them music, dance, artistry crafts, and language which has become part of our everyday use and integral to our culture!

This product comes complete with starter pack of 5 incense cones

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