0003 Fishermans Cottage

Fishermans Cottage

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This is a simple two-roomed Irish cottage. A settle bed converted the kitchen into a bedroom when needed. In the old days of wooden sailing ships, and the too frequent wrecks, shore dwellers depended largely on flotsam and jetsam for their timber, and found use for many other things cast up on the shore. Most of the timbering of this house and its like would be of driftwood,which often came in huge planks and beams. Smuggling was a feature of life here in the old days and many of the hardy fishermen were familiar with the ports of north western France and the Channel Islands .Claret and brandy were the local drinks, rather than beer and whiskey!

This product comes complete with starter pack of 5 incense cones.

Dimensions (mm) 145 x 60 x 120

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